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Henry Cavill Finally Gets To Play 'James Bond' – But Not The Way You Think

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James Bond turned out to be a cocktail of characters that were all part of the Ministry’s most revered members, thanks to Ian Fleming, who at the time was an SOE liaison officer monitoring their activities. According to Brian Lett’s “Ian Fleming and Operation Postmaster,” Gus March-Phillipps was a wine connoisseur passionate about vintage cars. Lett wrote, “Phillips had a contempt for pen-pushers and red tape and would disregard them with alacrity when he thought he could get away with it.” It’s certainly a trait that Bond was known for, along with some of the other members of the Ministry who appear in the film.

While it’s not shown as much in the film, Alan Ritchson’s hulking archer, Anders Lassen, was a globe-trotting womanizer, and Alex Pettyfer’s Geoffrey Appleyard was known as being the coolest customer among the bunch. In the eyes of his co-stars, though, Cavill is still a prime pick for whenever James Bond does make a comeback. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Eiza González acknowledged that Cavill was and still is an ideal pick for the role: “It’s hard not to look at Henry Cavill and think of James Bond, to be really honest. Obviously, I’m part of the group of people that are rooting for him to get it, hopefully, if that was a possibility.” 

For now, you can check out how Henry Cavill and the “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” cast embraced overkill in our exclusive interview.