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How Blue's Clues Star Steve Burns Really Feels About Quiet On Set

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Steve Burns went on to say that he can’t even imagine how difficult the release of “Quiet on Set” has been for the people affected by bad actors at Nickelodeon. “It’s got to be so unfathomably painful. The fact that this is now what everyone’s talking about at the watercooler, it just breaks my heart,” Burns explained to Today.

It certainly seems as if Burns sent a message to fans on social media as well, though he didn’t directly name the docuseries in his post. On March 20, Burns posted a TikTok to his account asking viewers to check in with him and apparently making sure they were okay before simply sitting in silence and looking meaningfully into the camera.

Unsurprisingly, most of the comments on ... reference Nickelodeon and “Quiet on Set,” with viewers all thanking Burns for his caring demeanor and kind nature. Actor Ethan Trace, wrote, “Thank you for being one of the GOOD parts of Nickelodeon, Steve.”