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Is Marvel Throwing Shade At Disney In Its New Thor Story?

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Thor has already revisited his past in “Immortal Thor,” but a new one-shot will showcase Roxxon’s reimagining of the character in a meta-story, watering down the hero and showing the evil organization’s plans for him.

In the upcoming “Roxxon Presents: Thor” #1 (by Al Ewing and Greg Land) — the same comic Thor reads at the end of “Immortal Thor” #9 — Roxxon’s reinvention of the God of Thunder as a corporate hero will be presented to real-life readers. Gone is the powerful All-Father, and in his place is Chad Hammer, aka Roxxon Thor. A lackey to Roxxon, this Thor doesn’t fight to protect the Ten Realms alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but battles for big business and shareholders — everything he would usually stand against. The comic will show what would happen if content was treated solely as such, without any artistry and a sole focus on profits. The result? An unrecognizable and creatively bankrupt Thor, who embraces artificial intelligence and asks no questions about his corporate overlords.

“Roxxon Presents: Thor” #1 will comment — through Thor’s shocking transformation — on what happens when meddling corporations put profits before artistic merit, as they literally suck the life out of him to make money. Given that Disney is a content machine, it’s hard to see how the story isn’t directly referencing its parent company, even if the Mouse House isn’t mentioned by name. “Immortal Thor” #9 is in comic book stores now, while the Roxxon issue comes out on April 18, 2024.