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Madame Web Concept Art Reveals Cut Scenes With Tom Holland's Spider-Man

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There are multiple reasons why putting Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man into the “Madame Web” story wouldn’t be too prudent. First and foremost is the fact that Holland’s Spidey is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and “Madame Web” is supposedly in its own individual timeline, despite seemingly being part of the SSU. Director S.J. Clarkson claimed as much during a chat with Entertainment Weekly, explaining that Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson, who Sony is allegedly mad at over “Madame Web”) is “definitely in a standalone world.” While it’s entirely possible that Spider-Verse shenanigans could’ve brought the MCU’s Spidey to the “Madame Web” timeline, bringing in such a narrative element would open up a whole other can of worms that would’ve likely altered the story drastically if properly explored.

Multiversal antics aside, for the sake of argument, what if “Madame Web” is covertly in the MCU, thus making Holland’s Spidey a part of the same timeline? Well, this angle doesn’t work either. “Madame Web” is primarily set in 2003, and it has been revealed that the MCU’s Peter Parker was born in 2001. Therefore, at the age of 2 with his uncle, Ben Parker (Adam Scott), still alive, he wouldn’t be Spider-Man yet. With this timeline in mind, Spidey’s battle with Ezekiel Sims can’t even happen in the future, seeing as the villain is killed by the end of “Madame Web.” That is, unless the art depicts an alternate future of some kind seen by the clairvoyant Webb.

While witnessing a fight between Spider-Man and his evil doppelganger could’ve been fun to see in “Madame Web,” the fact is that both the film and the MCU’s Spidey are better off without such a moment in this context.