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Marvel Revealed Joseph Quinn's Human Torch Look For The Fantastic Four & It's Perfect

l intro 1712244808 comes just a day after it was announced that Julia Garner is playing Shalla-Bal, a Silver Surfer replacement. What’s particularly interesting about the image is the depiction of the New York City skyline. It’s been presumed that the film is set in the ’60s, but the buildings in the image don’t exactly scream that era. “Are we getting a cool stylistic alternate universe New York?” questioned X user @The_GM_is_God. The skyline oozes retro-futurism and looks nothing like the MCU skyline. 

A rumor previously suggested that the 1960s setting of “Fantastic Four” is actually in an alternate universe, meaning the film could possibly not take place in the MCU we know and love. While that’s just a rumor, fans are curious about how exactly the reboot will be presented. The bottom of has copyrights attached to 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox) and Marvel, not Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Fox previously owned the rights to “Fantastic Four” before Disney scooped up the studio in 2019. While this detail probably doesn’t mean much, it could suggest Marvel is setting up an entirely different cinematic universe under the 20th Century Studios banner. “Oh, so it’s still under 20th Century Studios?” asked @Holocrones

The mysteries don’t end there, as the original X post asks users to visit the official Marvel website to celebrate 4-4 Day. The page links to an error (aptly titled 404), with an image of Herbie holding a mug. The character has a sneakily hidden QR code on their body, which, when scanned, takes fans to a Marvel Unlimited page to read key “Fantastic Four” comic books for free.