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Michelle Yeoh's Star Trek: Section 31 Will Bring Back An Important TNG Character

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Listed in the script of “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as a “tall, handsome woman that commands respect instantly,” Garrett is one of the franchise’s most fearless and dutiful commanders. A clue about Garrett’s timeline can be found hidden in the PC game “Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp II.” Inside the game, a digital readout created by Michael Okuda, an art and special effects supervisor responsible for creating many a Star Trek computer screen, lists Garrett’s birth year as 2300, making her 44 years old at the time of her sacrifice. This places her timeline firmly in the so-called “Lost Era” between the death of Captain Kirk and the events of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Although Garrett agrees to lead her crew back to her original timeline, she never makes it there, as she’s killed by shrapnel when a Klingon bird-of-prey attacks her ship. To ensure the ship gets back through the temporal rift safely, Tasha Yar joins them, traveling back through the time rift where she is captured by Romulans, ultimately leading to the birth of her half-Romulan daughter, Sela (also played by Denise Crosby).

As Garrett’s role in the affair and her captaincy of the Enterprise earns her the Red Lady statue on M’Talas Prime (an Easter egg on “Star Trek Picard” Season 3), it’s hard to imagine her having any connection to the ethically murky Section 31. But the noble captain may have a role in helping Georgiou achieve her redemption arc after the events of “Star Trek: Discovery.”