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Netflix's Bad Dinosaurs Is Its First Great Kids Show

various pink dinosaurs screaming and falling over in bad dinosaurs on netflix 1

It’s easy to miss the hidden fact that Netflix has a dedicated animation department. Even though the first title made in this subgenre was for the adult audience (The Midnight Gospel) and featured psychedelic-like space travel, the streaming giant then widened the category to cater to audiences of all ages. Released within the same year, Trash Truck centers around a little boy named Hank and his favorite talking vehicle. The Irish-made Puffin Rock teaches young children about the exotic animals living off the Irish coast. Going strong for over four years now, Netflix Animation has proven to be a worthwhile competitor to mainstream cable channels that everybody should check out. With that being said, the newest children’s series (which was released on Mar. 28) has quickly amassed four million views and is ranked to be one of their greatest children's hits ever.