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Star Wars: Darth Vader's Burn Makeup Shows How Bad His Injuries Really Were

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Despite not being killed, Anakin Skywalker’s injuries against Obi-Wan Kenobi were significant and life-changing. In the fight, he loses both of his legs and one of his arms. On top of that, he suffers severe burns across his body, including his face, making him unrecognizable. Gone is the Anakin the Jedi saw as their future, and he is replaced with a burned and broken man. However, his body majorly transforms after he is saved by Emperor Palpatine, leading to the creation of Darth Vader’s menacing armored look. With new cybernetic limbs, he regains the ability to walk and move.

Darth Vader’s protective armor has several incredible and essential functions. His helmet not only protects his face and neck but also has feeding tubes and advanced respiratory systems that allow him to breathe while keeping his body temperature regulated. The black lenses on his mask help him see colors better and let him see despite his damaged vision. Additionally, Vader has a panel on his chest that monitors his vitals and helps keep him alive. Meanwhile, his armor covers his weakest areas and cybernetic limbs, allowing him to fight even the strongest opponents without exposing his body.

However, despite his upgrades and armor, Darth Vader’s body remains permanently scarred underneath due to the injuries and burns he suffers on Mustafar. In the end, they serve as a reminder to the villain of one of the most harrowing moments of his life, preceding his turn to the dark side.