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Star Wars: What Plo Koon Looks Like Without The Mask (& Why He Wears One)

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Compared to some of the many, many other alien species in the “Star Wars” galaxy, the Kel Dor don’t take center stage often. Plo Koon is undeniably the most prominent to feature in the current “Star Wars” canon, and, unfortunately, his appearances don’t generally come with much information regarding his species. Another notable Kel Dor, Bo Keevil (Dave Filoni) from “Star Wars: Resistance,” also doesn’t get much time to offer fans inside information about his species either. Therefore, it’s fair if fans don’t know some of the deeper details about Master Plo’s life-supporting breathing mask and goggles.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that goggles and antiox masks are used widely by the Kel Dor. They actually come with deep cultural significance for the Dorin natives. Each mask comes with special markings and patterns that indicate one’s Kel Dor clan, effectively tying them to their wearer. As evidenced by Keevil, who lives long after Master Plo’s death, the Kel Dor continue to wear masks and goggles for protection well into the era of the Resistance and the First Order. However, Keevil’s specific mask appears a bit more high-tech than Master Plo’s and doesn’t seem to bear any decorative markings like his. Perhaps he’s an outlier in this regard, or the practice was phased out over time.

With the “Star Wars” franchise in a state of endless expansion, fans will hopefully learn more about the Kel Dor, their culture, home planet, anatomy, and more in due time. If not, at least they have it better than the Bothans — the famous aliens never even seen in “Star Wars” films or television.