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The Controversial Biblical Miniseries Blowing Up On Netflix Right Now

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Audiences aren’t entirely pleased with the Biblical miniseries, either. The audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 33%, though it should be noted that less than 50 users have submitted ratings as of this writing. Viewers on IMDb have been far more forgiving, as “Testament: The Story of Moses” has a 6/10 rating based on over 1500 reviews. Some viewers, like writetonight-1, didn’t appreciate the project’s stylistic approach. “I’m not really crazy about this format which mixes interviews with experts with dramatization,” they said. On the other hand, some fans adored the show’s presentation and were enthused by how nuanced it was in its depiction of Moses. “What I’m trying to say is that this show is not religious in any way, it’s pretty much objective and shows that everyone has good and bad sides, such as fitting real life,” shared amitai333. 

Perhaps the most interesting (and inviting) thing about the series is that it features theologians and historians from various faiths, as Moses is a central figure in all Abrahamic religions. Some praised the inclusivity of the show and its diverse input on the figure, while others were upset that the series didn’t stick to one interpretation. Overall, “Testament” is sparking a conversation about how Moses is depicted, both by fans and haters, making it another controversial TV show on Netflix. 

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