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Was Unlocked: A Jail Experiment Filmed Illegally?

was unlocked a jail experiment filmed illegally

The latest docuseries from Netflix is a controversial idea brought on by a sheriff who had everything to lose and a group of 46 detainees who strived to grow their once locked-up life into a community. With this movement either signaling a significant new beginning for those behind bars or instead just giving an even worse reputation to America’s incarceration system, a result was expected in six weeks' time. In Netflix’s Unlocked: A Jail Experiment, an eight-episode journey takes viewers into a strange experiment where, as the title says, the key is thrown away, the doors are wide open, and those in prison prove themselves more than ever before. Sheriff Eric Higgins always wondered how he could put a unique kind of responsibility into a detainee's hands, and that all began with unlocking cells.