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What Happened To 'All That' Star Shane Lyons? The Quiet On Set Allegations, Explained

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Perhaps most disturbingly, Shane Lyons said that Brian Peck made some deeply inappropriate comments to him about a very adult concept — “blue balls,” specifically. Lyons says that Peck kept asking Lyons if he knew what that meant, and Lyons was young enough that he didn’t … but that Peck followed behind him and continued asking if Lyons understood what was being discussed. Lyons said that he offered up a childlike explanation of what he thought that meant. 

“He goes, ‘Well, we know what blue balls are, right Shane?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, like racketballs,'” Lyons shared. “I’m a kid, 13, 14. As I think back now, as an adult, as a 36-year-old, I go, ‘Would I ever have a conversation with a 13-year-old boy like he had with me?’ No. It makes zero sense… They’re kids, why are you talking like that?”

Peck’s incredibly untoward line of questioning with Lyons is completely reprehensible, and it must be all the more upsetting for Lyons to learn what happened to his contemporaries like Drake Bell. Ultimately, “Quiet on Set” is full of really despicable truths; Peck harassing Lyons as a child is just one of many.