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What Happened To Paige Swanson On Young Sheldon? Fans Have Some Wild Theories

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Fans who thought the last theory was wild might get their socks knocked off by this one – what if Paige isn’t real? Redditor u/AtomicHaiku suggested, “Paige is a figment of a writer for Young Sheldon’s Imagination… A writer who wanted to diminish Young Sheldon in an attempt to make him only the second intellectually. Paige does not exist – never did.” Did Sheldon create an intellectual rival for himself?

If we look at their relationship, Paige often pops up to offer Sheldon a new perspective on a problem or issue he’s having. But she also becomes a supportive friend to Missy. Did both siblings imagine her? It’s possible to reimagine the episode in which she and Missy run away to Louisiana with this theory in mind. Missy may have been looking for someone to egg her on and subconsciously uses her imaginary friend to do so. After all, Missy is the one driving her dad’s truck, and she does the talking when the cop pulls them over. This theory requires some serious reexamining of Paige’s role and appearances on the show but could explain why Sheldon never mentions her on “The Big Bang Theory” — he simply grew up and stopped imagining her.

All of these three theories are possible, but it’s still unclear if and how “Young Sheldon” creators Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro are planning to wrap up Paige’s storyline. So, for now, fans will have to wait to see if any of their theories hit the mark in Season 7.