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Why Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham Had To Stand Up For Herself Against A Photographer

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The person who runs the X account which captured the footage – @odeiotedlasso — firmly stands behind Hannah Waddingham. “i not only saw hannah waddingham but i saw hannah waddingham being pissed at an a****** misogynistic p*** photographer and calling him off on it and i never yelled MOTHER so loud,” they initially tweeted

Then they retweeted their own post with footage of the incident with a deeper explanation of the situation. “[l]ong story short: hannah was being her gorgeous self and the (camera emoji) made some comment about her leg we couldn’t quite make out and… well, the video speaks for itself. This woman is a role model. Always, always call p**** out on their b******,” they concluded.

Waddingham has not released a comment regarding the incident as of press time. The actress has a full slate for 2024 — she appears in “The Fall Guy” as Gail, will be appearing in the second half of Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning,” and will be part of “The Garfield Movie” cast as Jinx. Hopefully, her next time on the red carpet will pass along more peacefully.