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Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon Director's Cuts Are Longer Than You Likely Think

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Anyone who feels the “Rebel Moon” franchise is all style might want to give it a second chance down the line. Speaking to Forbes, Zack Snyder promised more substance in both films’ director’s cuts, noting that they’re high-stakes adventures that dig deeper into the sci-fi universe. Hopefully, more details will be provided that enhance the viewing experience.

“With the director’s cuts, that’s just going to be more intense because of the additional scenes and the sort of coloring in the corners of the world in the way that we’re able to do, frankly, with more scenes and more time,” Snyder said. Fans can look forward to seeing the director’s final versions sometime around August, but Snyder didn’t provide a specific release date.

That’s not all. Snyder revealed that Netflix wants more “Rebel Moon” movies, but he wants to focus on other projects beforehand. It seems that he has a lot of projects on his plate, and he’s proving to be an in-demand filmmaker.